Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sports Authority 25% Off!!

Morning everybody.  Found this little gem online today.  It expires today, so rush in to your local Sports Authority to take advantage.  Don't say I don't look out for you.  I think I might use this to buy a pair of running sneakers today.

25% off a Single Item at Sports Authority!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Securely Erasing Your Hard Drive

Let's say you have a had drive or pc laying around somewhere.  Whether you want to reuse it, sell it, give it to a friend, whatever, you NEED to make sure that data is cleared off of it.  Alot of people think that by just deleting a file from windows and cleaning out the recycle bin gets rid of the file forever.


I've had a few scenarios where people brought me an old hard drive that "doesn't work" and I've been able to pull massive amounts of data off of it using nothing but a free piece of software I found on the interwebz.  Lucky for them I work for the forces of good rather than evil....sometimes.  Anyway, if you're in a situation where you need to completely clear a disk of all of it's contents, please check out the article below from .  Give's you an idea of what happens when you delete a file, and how to securely wipe a drive of data.  If you really want a want to make sure that no one gets data from your drive, I will post a blog soon with pictures on how to open your HDD and wreak havoc on it like Charlie Sheen on a pile of coke.  Enjoy the Article :)

LifeHacker - How to Properly Erase Your Physical Media


After reading some comments someone suggested I do a small write up on CCleaner. It's another great program I use to remove junk/temporary internet files, remove invalid registry entries, and stop some programs from starting up with Windows(great feature).

This little piece of software definitely helps with speeding up things like startup, and scanning for viruses/defragging as after you've removed all of the crap that Internet Explorer and Firefox collect, you have less to scan.

If, after viewing the tutorial you have any questions regarding it, don't hesitate to contact me. As always I'll be available to walk you through using it or help you with any problems. Tutorial Below =]

Download link here, Click the Green Download Now button

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Ok guys.  This is for my friends who need a little assistance in removing spyware/pop-ups on their PC.  It's a really simple program to use, and I've included a 5 minute tutorial on how to use it. (not done by me).

Honestly it is pretty straight forward.  The best way to prevent this from happening is common sense (as was stated numerous times in the comments in my previous blog post).  Please don't click on anything in facebook that seems slightly strange.  Don't go downloading files from places you do not trust.  Be proactive.  you can save yourself alot of time and hassle by being safe and scanning.  Make sure you update the software before every scan.  Malwarebytes has defintely helped me assist people with their infection problems.  It isn't a cure-all, but it works great, and it is free!

Download Link, click the green "Download Now" button

Tutorial Video

Banana Republic

Just found this great deal and thought I would share with you all.  40% off of your purchase at Banana Republic.  That's HUGE! Take advantage guys, they have good stuff there!

40% off of your Banana Republic Purchase!

What a waste...

Honestly, at this point I'm very frustrated.  Being 30, getting a later start in life (financial and educational) is difficult to deal with.  Difficult but manageable. However, sitting here in school I wonder why I'm required to do this. 

Certain classes I understand.  Being an IT major, I totally understand having to take classes like Unix, or database management, or networking, etc.  However, unless I plan on going to South America to do some kind of IT support there, or decide to write a website only in Spanish, why am I required to take TWO semesters of language? Must I take some kind of art class?  History? I'm old enough where I've written my own.  This is just silly. 

It gets to the point where you just want to get out.  I'm looking forward to next semester.  Loading up on IT courses.  I'm dreading the next few as I have to throw in this junk that I don't feel is necessary.  Maybe it will make me smarter? More worldy? I don't know, I just know they get more of my money.

College trolled me...

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Welcome to our shopping center

Enjoy the free parking :P

For locals

Hey guys just saw this and thought I'd share.  If you're looking to make the switch, there's a Verizon retailer on Francis Lewis Blvd and 26th avenue that is willing to pay half of your termination fee if you make the switch.  Pretty neat if you ask me.  Haven't spoken to the owners for details, but if you go in to do this, let them know that Dave from the Vallone law firm told you to stop by.  We like our neighbors :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Mobile blogging set up.  Don't expect to use this much but it's a good tool when I have a random thought on the road or and interesting story to share while I'm out :)

First Post

Well this is what happens when you're up late at night and you cannot sleep.  I figured I would start this as a way to give out some tips to anyone who comes across this page, or any of my friends who follow me on Facebook.

Lately, I've been having a few people with spyware trouble getting in touch with me via txt as well as email.  It sometimes isn't easy to get rid of.  It's frustrating, it's annoying, it makes you want to reach through the computer to strangle the neck of the asshole that decided it would be a good idea to make people's lives miserable.  Removing this garbage isn't always straight forward.  Registry entries and start-up/autorun programs have to be fooled around with, etc.  However, two programs I've found really useful to help curb some of this are called Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, and Microsoft Security Essentials.

More to follow, with a tutorial for you guys (undecided whether I make a video tutorial or not) when it's a more reasonable hour of the day.  Any specific questions, just leave a comment and I'll try to answer them as best as I can.